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Links (9/14/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 14, 2009


  1. Customizing the SharePoint ECB with JavaScript, Part 3
  2. Make SharePoint 2007 Act Like SharePoint 2010 (sort of …)
  3. How to redirect on new Page at Item Deleting ECB Menu?
  4. Connected Web Part Mechanisms Compared
  5. Sporm – Out of the Depths of SharePoint’s XML Hell
  6. Wrapper for the SharePoint List Service
  7. Adding an extra ItemStyle.xsl to your ContentQueryWebpart through code
  8. Issue with Multi Field/Group values and SPWorkflowTaskProperties.ExtendedProperties
  9. How to add Web Parts to the list item forms
  10. ChartPart 2.0 for SharePoint – Release To Web
  11. Add Web Part inside a Master Page in MOSS 2007
  12. SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows – First Look
  13. Redirecting a SharePoint Subsite or a Site collection to a different URL
  14. How To Deploy A Form To Multiple SharePoint Libraries


  1. Databinding the Visibility property in Silverlight
  2. Drag and Drop Manager v2.0 released!
  3. Dialogs and ViewModel – Using Tasks as a Pattern
  4. Silverlight AutoComplete ComboBox
  5. Custom Events on Silverlight Controls
  6. Rendering Vector Fields in Silverlight
  7. Silverlight ICO/ICON Decoder (Parser)
  8. Using Large Message Requests in Silverlight with WCF

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