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Links (9/17/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 17, 2009


  1. SharePoint 2007 : how to prevent users from creating SharePoint Designer Workflows
  2. SharePoint CSS: Moving web parts
  3. “For Me” Web part in MOSS
  4. How I simplified the Users and Group UI – Listing Users
  5. The DebugApp trick for Productive SharePoint Development: Part 1
  6. How To: Access item metadata from workflow when associated in document library
  7. Most common issue with SharePoint installations – service account misuse
  8. SharePoint Date Filter: Filtering a List by Greater Than or Equal to Date
  9. Customize Site Permissions: Contribute – without delete
  10. Ideas to Increase End User Adoption
  11. How to: Add a folder to a SharePoint list using C#
  12. SharePoint Skinner – Yet More New Features
  13. Adding a “Last Modified” Date on SharePoint Pages
  14. Link and display two SharePoint calendar from SharePoint Designer
  15. Resolving issue with multiple Contact Detail web parts on the same page
  16. Custom Advanced Search: Building a URL to search multiple metadata properties
  17. Creating a custom advanced search by building strings with JavaScript


  1. Silverlight DataGrid: Custom Columns in Code
  2. Tell the Debugger to Ignore Silverlight Validation Exceptions
  3. Making a HTTP Post in Silverlight a.k.a thread hopping
  4. Graphical Skinning Comes to Silverlight
  5. Silverlight 3 Enabling Out of Browser Mode – You’re Doing It Wrong
  6. Custom Panels in Silverlight/WPF Part 4: Virtualization
  7. Exporting Data From Silverlight Datagrid To Excel
  8. WPF Designer sample code is posted
  9. API changes introduced by the new CoverFlow control

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