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Links (9/21/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 21, 2009


  1. Setting the property ‘AllowMultipleValues’ resets the control’s type to “Lookup” when it is inherited from SPFieldLookup class.
  2. SPWebPartManager doesn’t honour the WebPartCancelEventArgs.Cancel value while deleting the webpart
  3. ItemAdded Event on Document Library & the file.. has been modified by.. on.. error.
  4. SharePoint WCM – Breaking the Ice – Building the initial Master Page
  5. SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Second Look
  6. How I simplified the Users and Group UI – Adding Users
  7. SharePoint Slideshow Web Part
  8. “Inheriting” the Master Page from the Current Site Context in MOSS 2007
  9. Overriding Application.master in MOSS 2007
  10. How to Hide Default Content Type from “New” menu
  11. All you want to know about People Picker in SharePoint ( Functionality | Configuration | Troubleshooting ) Part-2
  12. How to add the help link in Top link bar ?
  13. Content By Query WebPart and the “a” Mystery
  14. How to Programmatically Disable Code Access Security
  15. Code for Provisioning Sites on WSS with Navigation
  16. Easier Silverlight Development against SharePoint
  17. SharePoint Custom Workflow action to get a list item as an attachment in another list
  18. MOSS 2007 Master Page Comparison
  19. 10 SharePoint Deployment Standards
  20. Getting Your Feet Wet Writing Code For SharePoint – Part 5 of 5
  21. Open Windows SharePoint Services Solution Packages (WSP CABs) in Windows Explorer


  1. Secrets of the Silverlight Toolkit TreeView Control: Programmatically selecting a Tree Node
  2. Silverlight 3.0, RIA services and MVVM
  3. 6 New Silverlight Image Rotators
  4. Silverlight Navigation Application
  5. Announcing Next Generation Business Intelligence Software with Silverlight
  6. Silverlight Postings – good batch of miscellaneous Silverlight posts
  7. Wiki-OS Silverlight Edition : Develop Silverlight Applications directly in your Browser and share them with one click !
  8. Introduction to Data Binding in Silverlight 3 with CTP2

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