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Links (9/24/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 24, 2009


  1. Code to create a custom document workspace using a custom template in SharePoint
  2. Configuring Managed Properties in MOSS 2007
  3. No HTML Markup in MOSS 2007 Managed Properties
  4. Fast Tip: Add the Checked Out To column to your SharePoint library
  5. Avoiding Xml Based SharePoint Features – Use The API Way
  6. Wildcard Search for MOSS 2007
  7. How I simplified the Users and Group UI – Removing Users
  8. How I simplified the Users and Group UI – Conclusion
  9. Silverlight SlideShow Web Part
  10. Low impact text changing in SharePoint with jQuery
  11. SharePoint Report Viewer Page Hacks
  12. Using the Contact Selector Control
  13. Using a Control Adapter for Branding SharePoint Web Parts
  14. Custom Field Type: Site Reference (part 1)
  15. Using a database or a Sharepoint List ?
  16. Easy Tabs Interface – Demo 02 (Screencast)
  17. 10 DIY SharePoint Web Parts #6
  18. Modify the default scope for your search box


  1. Silverlight designer sample code is posted
  2. List vs ObservableCollection vs INotifyPropertyChanged in Silverlight
  3. Create an automatic scrollable image slider in Silverlight
  4. Relative hyperlinks with Silverlight navigation
  5. .NET RIA Services Part 1: When to Use It
  6. STEPS to Publish SharePoint sites created in Host Header mode (HH MODE) with ISA Server 2006
  7. Microsoft Reporting Services in Silverlight Applications is Possible
  8. Yahoo Pipes Using JSON with Silverlight/C#, and JSON with Flex/AS3
  9. Animations and View State changes with MVVM

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