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Links (9/27/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 27, 2009


  1. Best Approach To Activate MasterPage for SharePoint Web
  2. Setting the property ‘AllowMultipleValues’ resets the control’s type to “Lookup” when it is inherited from SPFieldLookup class.
  3. SharePoint Document Generator – Part 1: How to establish a parent – child relationship in SharePoint
  4. Move a SPListItem without loosing its ItemId – Custom List
  5. If you are using SharePoint 2007 + Windows 7 and getting SLOW transfer rates within document libraries…
  6. jQuery Test Panel for SharePoint
  7. Code snippet to add / modify columns in a list
  8. Code sample to aggregate the text from “append changes” column to Multiline text field.
  9. Code to subscribe the User for alert notifications from a list
  10. How to hide the new menu folder option from document library by default to all the document library instances
  11. How to install SharePoint 2010 – Quick Video
  12. How to create a custom view page with custom web part in the list definition , Bend it !!
  13. SharePoint Tab Highlight Problem


  1. Silverlight Input Controls
  2. MVVM Light Toolkit Messenger V2 beta
  3. Silverlight Contrib
  4. Blend Behaviors
  5. ColorPicker Control for WPF/Silverlight
  6. Silverlight & Blend 3 Sample Data
  7. This Week’s Silverlight Postings
  8. Saving Files from Silverlight (using Caliburn)

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