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Links (10/15/2009)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 15, 2009


  1. Relevance in SharePoint Search
  2. Assembly-Free jQuery in SharePoint Sites Using the SmartTools jQueryLoader
  3. A jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (WSS 3.0 and MOSS): Why and Why Now?
  4. Hiding field in SharePoint through JavaScript
  5. Taming the Elusive “Calculated Column” – Date and Time – Part 5
  6. Taming the Elusive “Calculated Column” – Date and Time – Part 6
  7. Updated SPLinkChecker on CodePlex
  8. Calculated Time Left Columns in SharePoint with jQuery
  9. Setting a default duration for new Calendar Events
  10. NEW features added to Microsoft Online Services (BPOS)
  11. Generating Documents from SharePoint Lists using Open XML Content Controls
  12. How to quickly troubleshoot MOSS 2007
  13. Impersonation options in SharePoint code
  14. Free Server Name WebPart – Which WFE Is Servicing a SharePoint Request
  15. SharePoint 2010 Browser and Server Changes
  16. Spigit: Another Example of How Sharepoint Is Becoming an Application Platform
  17. Migrating Data Into Existing SharePoint Lists using SharePoint Designer
  18. Aggregating content with the Content Query Web Part (CQWP)
  19. TDD Kata – By Example video
  20. Showing a List of Today’s Birthdays in SharePoint
  21. Engineering SharePoint
  22. Reformat URL from calculated column with decent clickable link text


  1. A bunch of Expression/Silverlight Links
  2. how to work with animations in Silverlight in the mvvm pattern
  3. MVVM for T****d Folks Like Me *or* MVVM and What it Means to Me
  4. Anatomy of an MVVM Application *or* How T***s Like Me Make MVVM Apps
  5. MVVM Light Toolkit V2
  6. CoreMVVM – now on Codeplex
  7. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: Visibility Binding – Data Binding an Object’s Visibility to a Boolean Property
  8. Using the Canvas element in Blend
  9. Passing Data from Child Window to Parent Window in Silverlight 3
  10. Starter Kits available for SketchFlow and Behaviors
  11. Expression Encoder: Which edition is right for you?
  12. Silverlight-powered HealthVault portal launched on MSN
  13. Adding Silverlight Video to Websites with Expression Web 3
  14. Silverlight 3’s New Client Networking Stack
  15. SilverBullet #12 – System.Windows.Browser.HttpUtility
  16. Adding easing and inertia to your animations in Blend
  17. Using the 3D tools to animate in Blend
  18. Silverlight + MVC = coolness
  19. Setting Focus of TextBox in Silverlight 3
  20. Silverlight – Easy Data Validation
  21. Using ReSharper with RIA Services
  22. Animating with Storyboards in Blend
  23. Saving images (.bmp, .png, etc) in WPF/Silverlight
  24. Book review: Essential Silverlight 3
  25. Open XAP files using Windows Explorer
  26. Incorporating Videos in a Website with Silverlight Streaming and Expression Encoder
  27. Expression Web SuperPreview

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