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Links (1/3/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 3, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. SharePoint List Usage and Statistics
  2. SharePoint Wednesday CodePlex Roundup #4
  3. SharePoint, WebDAV, and a Case of the 405 Status Codes
  4. Alerts not moved when moving sites
  5. Migration to BPOS – Initial thoughts
  6. BPOS – Single sign-on for the Mac
  7. SharePoint: Exploring SharePoint CMP Export Files (and a demo application)
  8. “Send To” function in WSS 3.0 does not copy look-up fields
  9. List Field added using InfoPath does not filter on [Me]
  10. InfoPath Cascading Drop-Down (Screencast)
  11. How to develop a custom SharePoint search webpart
  12. How to add multiple SPGridView in one single custom webpart
  13. The form template associated with this form was moved or cannot be accessed. The form template on your computer has the same form ID as the template
  14. Using a View as the basis for querying a List
  15. Deploying SharePoint Solution Files to Non-12 Hive Locations on Multiple Web Front Ends
  16. After Properties go blank in ItemUpdated event for Office 2007 Documents..
  17. How to get Search Query API calls to be logged in search usage analysis reports
  18. Follow-Up on JQuery and SharePoint Performance
  19. SharePoint DatePicker control CSS issue
  20. Top 10 Requirements for a Successful SharePoint Deployment
  21. Application Master Page Changer Project

SharePoint 2010

  1. SharePoint 2010 lets you put the ECB Menu on any column
  2. Setting Up SharePoint 2010 forms-based authentication for claims based web applications
  3. SharePoint CEWP – source includes dynamic content
  4. SP 2010 – Sandbox Solutions – Mysterious but truly awesome
  5. SharePoint Solution using BCS: Part II
  6. Styling Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 (Add round corners via CSS)
  7. SharePoint 2010: New Branching feature in Surveys

Silverlight 3

  1. Using Autofac as an IoC Container in Silverlight Applications
  2. Fluent Silverlight – Implementing a fluent API
  3. Fluent Silverlight – Fluent API and inheritance
  4. Closed Captioning with Silverlight (using MVVM)
  5. An IoC-Agnostic Prism Bootstrapper
  6. Silverlight Preloader
  7. Day #26: Silverlight Data Grid
  8. Day #27: Templating Controls In Silverlight
  9. Day #28: Silverlight Application Themes
  10. Day #29: Using Isolated Storage in Silverlight
  11. Day #30: Bing Maps In Silverlight
  12. Day #31: Geocoding and More Fun In Bing Maps for Silverlight
  13. How to Create a Silverlight Color Resource in a ResourceDictionary
  14. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Create a Color Resource in a ResourceDictionary
  15. Debug Silverlight and JavaScript together
  16. Developing Business Applications with Silverlight 3 ,Prism and Ria Services
  17. Silverlight Pagination (DataPager)
  18. Embedding fonts in Silverlight
  19. Silverlight – Creating Image Map with Hotspots

Silverlight 4

  1. ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC, and Silverlight 4 Videos of my Talks in Europe
  2. PRISM, MEF, and MVVM Part 2 of 3: Making PRISM MEF Friendly
  3. PRISM, MEF, and MVVM Part 3 of 3: Dynamic MEF Modules in PRISM
  4. Architecting SL4 Apps with RIA Services, MEF and MVVM – Part 4 (of 3)
  5. Silverlight 4 Screencasts – the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
  6. MEF and Prism exploration, MEF module loading
  7. COM Automation with OpenOffice – Silverlight 4
  8. Saving Snapshots to PNG in Silverlight 4 and the WebCam
  9. Opening up Silverlight 4 Navigation: Authentication/Authorization in an INavigationContentLoader
  10. Silverlight 4 and command line execution
  11. Silverlight 4 – WebCams.OnceMoreWithAudio()
  12. Silverlight HVP Design, Refinements

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