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Links (1/7/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 7, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. Upcoming SharePoint Activities (January 2010)
  2. Is your SharePoint 2007 farm already on Service Pack 2? If not, read this!
  3. How to embed video in SharePoint
  4. Google Analytics data in a SharePoint list
  5. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 1 (Real World Examples)
  6. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 2 (Real World Examples)
  7. MOSS2007 – JavaScript Item Menus Part 3 (Real World)
  8. HOW TO: Add web parts to SharePoint Item pages
  9. Add Web Part to Page Programmatically
  10. HTML Calculated Column and Unicode Graphics
  11. How SharePoint manages web.config via SPWebConfigModification
  12. GREAT ULS Log viewing tool

SharePoint 2010

  1. Creating a SharePoint 2010 Ribbon extension – part 1
  2. Use SharePoint 2010 ClientOM to Show a Generated GUID as Toast in the Notification Area
  3. List Validations in SharePoint 2010
  4. Accessing Term Sets using SharePoint 2010 object model
  5. Updated Excel Services Web Services API in SharePoint 2010
  6. Feature Versioning and Upgrades in SharePoint 2010
  7. Code to Hide the Ribbon and Site Actions Menu for Anonymous Users
  8. Creating filtered lookups in SharePoint 2010 with InfoPath 2010
  9. The SharePoint 2010 Developer Experience
  10. Create tabbed navigation using picture button controls

Silverlight 3

  1. Silverlight Unit Testing Framework: Asynchronous Testing of Behaviors
  2. Silverlight XAML Viewer with info callouts and links to MSDN docs
  3. Silverlight Experimental Hacks (SLEX) – EventTrigger, PropertyTrigger, ReactiveTrigger, InvokeMethodAction, StoryBoardAction, etc. for Silverlight
  4. Using Autofac as an IoC Container in Silverlight Applications
  5. DataGrid Customization Silverlight 3
  6. Customizing the Tree view in Silevrlight 3 Part 2
  7. Datagrid TemplateColumn Sorting in Silverlight 3
  8. Fluent Silverlight – Binding dependency properties to model properties
  9. Application Library Caching in RadControls for Silverlight
  10. The ultimate hack for Silverlight in Blend
  11. Silverlight and styles
  12. Asynchronous Image Loading in Silverlight
  13. Make the TreeView control to be MVVM compliant

Silverlight 4

  1. Managed Extensibility Framework in Silverlight Screencasts
  2. PRISM, MEF, and MVVM Part 3 of 3: Dynamic MEF Modules in PRISM
  3. Honey, I MEF-fed the Silverlight Gallery (for Christmas), Part 1
  4. Silverlight 4 Find: No More Whitelisting Fonts
  5. RIA Services and relational data
  6. Silverlight 4’s New Managed Extensibility Framework

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