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Links (1/14/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 14, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. 10 DIY SharePoint Web Parts #10
  2. Dumping SPList Items to a Feature
  3. SharePoint Objects – Insight in usage of your SharePoint artifacts
  4. How to get an SPD Workflow to Run at a Specific Time – Employee Vacation Reminder: Part 1
  5. How to get an SPD Workflow to Run at a Specific Time – Employee Vacation Reminder: Part 2
  6. A jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (WSS 3.0 and MOSS): Real World Example – Part 3
  7. How to get an SPD Workflow to Run at a Specific Time – Employee Vacation Reminder: Part 4
  8. Explaining the “SharePoint Application Platform” to novices…
  9. Change SharePoint Search Icon with Just CSS
  10. 6 SharePoint Tools
  11. Create your own search provider for SharePoint

SharePoint 2010

  1. SharePoint 2010 List Schema Designer for Visual Studio 2010 published
  2. Skewer Click Saves the Day – Page and Master Page Styling Tips
  3. Participating in the Page Rendering Pipeline in SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solutions – SPUserCodeWebPart
  4. Creating a SharePoint 2010 Ribbon extension – part 2
  5. SharePoint 2010 PnP Guidance Drop 1 Released

Silverlight 3

  1. ARCast.TV Special – An Architects Perspective on Silverlight 3 featuring Tim Heuer
  2. DataForm Control in Silverlight 3 and Customization
  3. Flexible Progress Control
  4. Minimizing your designer footprint
  5. BizzySpinner 2 – A WPF Spinning Busy State Indicator (with source)
  6. Using Model View Presenter in WPF
  7. [Silverlight] An image loading control
  8. [Silverlight] A busy mouse pointer
  9. My Silverlight App Was Fine Until Chrome Came To Town
  10. Silverlight – Navigate to a specific Page using a Hyperlink
  11. WPF / Silverlight tutorial: Visibility property and binding
  12. Accessing the full range of colors in procedural code
  13. Set Margin and Canvas programmatically
  14. Converting Hexadecimals to Colors in code for Silverlight
  15. WPF & Silverlight Layout Controls
  16. A Field Guide to WPF Presentation Patterns

Silverlight 4

  1. Silverlight and Desktop .NET Integration
  2. WPF & Silverlight Design-Time Code Sharing – Part I
  3. WPF & Silverlight Design-Time Code Sharing – Part II
  4. New Silverlight 4 Video Tutorial: How to make an Out Of Browser SL4 Template Project
  5. Auto-Discoverable Views using Fluent PRISM in Silverlight
  6. “I feel the need… the need for SPEED!” [Seven simple, performance-boosting tweaks for common Silverlight/WPF Charting scenarios]
  7. Setting Up Visual Studio for WPF and Silverlight Development
  8. Quick tip: Finding Silverlight 4 documentation fast

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