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Links (2/4/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 4, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. Unlocking the Mysteries of Data View Web Part XSL Tags – Part 5: xsl:param
  2. WhitePaper: Customizing the Content Query Web Part in SharePoint Server 2007
  3. Using OWSSVR.dll to filter SharePoint data on the server side
  4. SharePoint Customisation – OOTB vs SPD vs Custom Code
  5. Combining JQuery UI Dialogs and SharePoint WebParts

SharePoint 2010

  1. Create a Loan Calculator using the InfoPath and Excel Web Parts
  2. Better Best Bets with JQuery
  3. SharePoint 2010 – So What is new in Timer Jobs?
  4. The Great Virtualization Debate: What to do? SharePoint 2010 for Laptops
  5. SharePoint 2010 for Laptops Debate
  6. Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 4: SharePoint Dashboards: Creating a team dashboard
  7. SharePoint 2010 Code Deployment, Part Three
  8. Adding Custom Actions to the List Item Menu in SharePoint 2010 Using SharePoint Designer 2010
  9. How to Create a Web Part with a Contextual Tab
  10. SharePoint 2010 Content Query Web Part with paging
  11. SharePoint 2010 Sample Sandbox Application – Real Nice Rugs
  12. SharePoint 2010 Layered Photoshop File!
  13. Management Features of PowerPivot for SharePoint
  14. MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2010: Developing Rich Solutions in Silverlight
  15. Use LINQ to Find All Web Applications that Use a Specific Service Application in SharePoint 2010

Silverlight 3

  1. **** Quick tip: Commenting out properties in XAML
  2. The Code Not Taken [Comparing two ways of creating a full-size Popup in Silverlight – then picking the best]
  3. Silverlight TV Episode 6: Creating Custom Pre-Loaders
  4. New Silverlight 3 Behavior for Toggling DataGrid Row Detail Visibility
  5. Silverlight DataGrid quick styling tip: keep selected row focus state
  6. HTML text in Silverlight controls with ellipses, tooltip and rollover
  7. Quick Silverlight Tip: Looking at the code
  8. Thoughts on an MVVM Rant
  9. Using Moq with Silverlight for Advanced Unit Tests
  10. AutoComplete ComboBox for Silverlight
  11. Making Image Gray in Silverlight 3.0
  12. EF 4 – Implementing Lazy Loading For My POCO

Silverlight 4

  1. Summary row in DataGrid
  2. Silverlight Object Binding in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
  3. Silverlight 4 How to Command Control
  4. Hosting MEF within application and libraries.
  5. On-demand loading of assemblies with Silverlight Navigation – Revisited for Silverlight 4 Beta

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