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Links (2/16/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 16, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. Event Receiver and Custom Error Page
  2. Uploading Large files to SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 and IIS7
  3. SharePoint Large File Upload Configuration
  4. How to edit SharePoint WYSIWYG editor?
  5. SharePoint Search Stopped Working: Event ID: 2436 Event ID: 2424
  6. How To Create Burndown Charts For User Stories in SharePoint
  7. A jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services (WSS 3.0 and MOSS): Part 5 – the SPArrangeChoices Function
  8. Programmatically listing delegate controls
  9. Update: Programmatically listing delegate controls
  10. How to copy outlook calendar appointments to SharePoint calendar
  11. Update: Creating a Two Tier Global Navigation
  12. Using SharePoint OM to get the Default URL on a SharePoint Farm
  13. InfoPath 2007: Creating a no-code unique identity value
  14. Files or folders not visible in the SharePoint UI
  15. Hide “User” link for Site / Site Collection Reports
  16. Customize drop-down fields for SPLists
  17. Using Silverlight Media Framework for simple playback
  18. Tracking in Silverlight (Google Analytics) – Part II
  19. SharePoint: How to find all files of a certain type and then download easily
  20. Now Available: Interacting with the Excel Web Services API for SharePoint Server 2007
  21. Creating message body by parsing document from Document Library and sending mail in SharePoint 2007
  22. SharePoint Memory Leaks
  23. New SharePoint Google Map Resources

SharePoint 2010

  1. Enabling a Button on the Ribbon Based on Selection
  2. Add a Dynamic Map to a Contact Form using REST Web Services
  3. SharePoint 2010 – Delivering on the Promise
  4. SharePoint 2010 Logging Improvements – Part 2 (Introducing Developer Dashboard)
  5. SharePoint 2010 Wiki Pages displays the wrong content when passing Query String parameters
  6. Video version of my “SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model tutorial (part 1)” published by Microsoft Belux
  7. Video version of my “SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model (part 2, Silverlight)” published by Microsoft Belux
  8. Creating custom web services in a SharePoint 2010 environment
  9. “Scratch pad” mode in Excel Services 2010 – how to bring it back
  10. Resources for Setting up a SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

Silverlight 3

  1. Silverlight Keep Logged In: Prevent pages from timing out
  2. This one time, at band camp… [A banded StackPanel implementation for Silverlight and WPF!]
  3. Top 10 Reasons why HTML 5 is not ready to replace Silverlight
  4. SharePoint and Silverlight Code Samples
  5. Wrapper Pattern for Silverlight and WPF
  6. Silverlight 3.0 Datagrid – How to change a cell state?
  7. My book about Advanced MVVM
  8. Developing Testable Silverlight Applications
  9. Silverlight Test Driven Development – Part II
  10. Transforming an Ugly Duckling to a Graceful Swan with Expression Blend and Silverlight – Part I
  11. Helpful Silverlight Snippets
  12. Microsoft Silverlight code profiler
  13. IObservable based Messaging Broker for Silverlight
  14. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to import XML and turn it into native Silverlight Objects
  15. Silverlight and WPF Behaviours and Triggers – Understanding, Exploring And Developing Interactivity using C#, Visual Studio and Blend
  16. Silverlight Brush Effect – Paint Splatter
  17. Silverlight, MVVM and Animations
  18. Keyboard selection on Silverlight ListBox and ComboBox
  20. A Fluent RSS Reader for Silverlight Part 1: Proof of Concept

Silverlight 4

  1. Silverlight Tools
  2. Silverlight 4’s New INavigationContentLoader Interface
  3. Silverlight TV 7: When and Where to Use MEF
  4. Quick FAQ on Visual Studio 2010 RC release (February 2010) and Silverlight development

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