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Links (3/14/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 14, 2010

SharePoint 2007

  1. Building Blocks #1: Silverlight Slideshow Viewer for SharePoint
  2. SharePoint Disposing Myth: You have to dispose SPWeb explicitly!
  3. Register SharePoint themes by using a feature
  4. SharePoint: Strike Out Canceled Events in the Calendar
  5. SharePoint: Hiding the Checked Out Icon from Anonymous Users
  6. Limitations of SharePoint Web Services
  7. SharePoint Branding WhitePaper

SharePoint 2010

  1. Fix for Not able to connect to SharePoint 2010 server web sites
  2. Inconvenient SPSecurityTrimmedControl revisited
  3. SPS2010 New Navigation Options
  4. Introducing Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010
  5. SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Client Object Model – How to use
  6. SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model – Managed Client OM – How to use
  7. SharePoint 2010: default site templates
  8. SharePoint 2010 development on Windows 2008 Server R2 – Getting Started

Silverlight 3

  1. **** A Designer-friendly Approach to MVVM
  2. Navigating AWAY from your Silverlight page
  3. Writing an AsyncLoader to enqueue long running operations
  4. 43 Essential Controls for Web Applications
  5. Favorite Tool and Library Downloads for Silverlight
  6. MVVM with Prism 101 – Part 6b: Wrapping IClientChannel
  7. Uploading and downloading images from WCF in Silverlight
  8. Validation in Silverlight
  9. Connect ViewModel and View using Unity
  10. How to extend Bing Maps Silverlight with an elevation profile graph – Part 1
  11. Watermarked Textbox Part II
  12. Watermark Textbox Part III
  13. A syntax highlighting TextBlock for Silverlight 3
  14. Transforming an Ugly Duckling into a Graceful Swan With Expression Blend and Silverlight – Part 2 Intro Animation

Silverlight 4

  1. Custom Export Providers with Custom Metadata for Region Management
  2. Silverlight TV 13: MVVM Light Toolkit
  3. MVVM with MEF in Silverlight: Video Tutorial
  4. MVVM with MEF in Silverlight Video Tutorial Part 2: Plugins and Metadata
  5. Silverlight 4 and MEF
  6. The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework is releasing at MIX 2010

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