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Links (4/27/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 27, 2010


  1. Don’t Show Your Clients a SharePoint Team Site
  2. Setting up SharePoint without Active Directory
  3. iPhone SharePoint Apps Shootout
  4. Creating Custom Error Pages in SharePoint 2010
  5. Editing the Ribbon’s “Browse” Tab
  6. Hiding the Ribbon for Anonymous Users
  7. Be Careful When Referencing SPList.Items
  8. Comparing SharePoint List and Form Library Forms
  9. Mythbusting SharePoint 2010 – Think you know SharePoint? Think again! (www.developerfusion.com)
  10. Getting all items in all folders using the Lists.asmx Web Service
  11. SharePoint Development Tip: Using LINQ to query a SharePoint List
  12. Accessing SharePoint 2010 Data with REST/OData on Windows Phone 7
  13. Hide a custom field from the Document Information Panel
  14. Why Out-of-the-Box Makes No Sense in SharePoint
  15. What is SharePoint Out of the Box?
  16. SharePoint 2010: Lists.GetListItemChangesWithKnowledge Method
  17. Document Sets in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1
  18. Best Practices on Building SharePoint 2010 Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010
  19. ‘Modified’ field not getting updated anymore
  20. Clean Up Those SharePoint Logs!
  21. To Dispose, or To Dispose
  22. Using jQuery and SPServices to Display List Items
  23. Remember DateTime Casting With SP.ListItem Modified Property
  24. SharePoint Tab Web Part JQuery, Java, and CSS
  25. SharePoint 2010 Linq doesn’t support anonymous users
  26. Disposing in SharePoint 2010
  27. How to deploy a custom content master and use it in an application page
  28. A Beginner’s Guide to SharePoint Vocabulary: Part 3–What is SharePoint?
  29. A Beginner’s Guide to SharePoint Vocabulary: Part 4
  30. How to bulk upload and synchronize data into SharePoint using the Excel Add-in and SharePoint Designer Workflows
  31. InfoPath – Limit the number of items in repeating table
  32. How to Add Column Descriptions to Your Custom Forms
  33. SharePoint Timer Jobs And Feature Receivers Accessing the Term Store (Service Applications)
  34. Walkthrough of creating a SharePoint 2010 external list using Visual Studio 2010


  1. Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Explained
  2. Silverlight 4 Training Kit
  3. Silverlight 4 Released
  4. Silverlight 4 released. Availability of tools announcement
  5. Converting Silverlight 3 to Silverlight 4
  6. Backward Compatibility with Silverlight 4 applications
  7. Silverlight Client for Facebook updated for Silverlight 4 release
  8. MVVM – A Total Design Change Of Your Application With No Code
  9. Handling null values and missing object properties in Silverlight 4
  10. Floating Visual Elements
  11. Custom Splash/Loading screen in Silverlight
  12. 3 Free Silverlight Demos
  13. VS2010: Silverlight 4 profiling
  14. Formatting made easy – Silverlight 4
  15. Beginning Silverlight – RotateTransform
  16. Beginning Silverlight – SkewTransform
  17. Beginning Silverlight – Brushes 3
  18. Building a Web Setup that configures your Silverlight application
  19. ClientUI Part 3 – Comprehensive MVVM Framework for Silverlight Development
  20. Master-Details with RadGridView for Silverlight 4, WCF RIA Services RC2 and Entity Framework 4.0
  21. ListBoxes in Silverlight
  22. ClientContext.Current = null in Silverlight web part
  23. Transactions with MVVM
  24. Silverlight 4 enables Authorization header modification
  25. Yet Another MVVM Locator Pattern
  26. Easily decouple your MVVM ViewModel from your Model using RX Extensions
  27. Changing CSS with jQuery syntax in Silverlight using jLight
  28. Export data to Excel from Silverlight/WPF DataGrid
  29. Tip of the Day #111 – How to Configure your Silverlight App to run in Elevated Trust Mode
  30. Alternative Grid Layout for Silverlight suggestion
  31. Get a Silverlight XAP signing certificate for cheap thanks to GoDaddy
  32. Modal Dialogs in MVVM and Silverlight 4
  33. Opening a Microsoft Office document with Silverlight
  34. RIA Services with Silverlight 4
  35. Blazing fast performance with RadGridView for Silverlight 4, RadDataPager and WCF RIA Services
  36. WinToolbar Silverlight widget available on CodePlex
  37. Silverlight Samples for OData Over SQL Azure
  38. Sketchflow in 90 seconds
  39. RIA Services MVVM Prism LoB App – Introduction
  40. The beginnings of Silverlight development with Expression Blend
  41. Introducing to Halcyone – Silverlight Application Framework: Silverlight Rest Extensions
  42. Making printing easier in Silverlight 4
  43. Dependency Properties in Silverlight
  44. Behaviors in Silverlight and Expressions Blend 3
  45. Application Partitioning with MEF, Silverlight and Windows Azure – Part I
  46. model-view-viewmodel for the designer developer workflow


  1. External File Upload Optimizations for Windows Azure
  2. Getting Started with SQL Azure Data Sync
  3. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/19/2010+
  4. Experimenting with Windows Azure and understanding its runtime environment better
  5. Some Free Windows Azure Training
  6. From Paper to the Cloud — Epson’s Cloud App for Printer, Scanner and Windows Azure
  7. WCF, REST and URL Rewriting with Windows Azure!
  8. Windows Azure Sample Application – Bid Now
  9. Debugging in the Cloud – Using Microsoft Azure Diagnostics
  10. 45minute video on introduction to Windows Azure and running Ruby on Rails in the cloud
  11. Source Code for Open Data Protocol Client Libraries
  12. Is Open Data Protocol (OData) the way to expose Scientific Data?
  13. Open Data Protocol (OData) .NET Framework Client Library – Source Code Available under Apache 2.0 license
  14. Windows Azure and Server App Fabric – kinsmen or distant relatives?
  15. Get serious about the Windows Azure Platform – 6 week training!
  16. Want to Learn about Windows Azure? Attend an Azure Boot Camp in a City Near You – DC

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