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Links (5/2/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 2, 2010


  1. Working with SharePoint’s Discussion Lists Programmatically – Part 1
  2. Silverlight and SharePoint
  3. Silverlight Client Object Model – Samples and Examples in SharePoint 2010
  4. Inconvenient Content Query Web Part slots
  5. SharePoint: Filter a Calendar View Based on User Profile Property
  6. SharePoint Document Migration Challenges When Migrating Files and Folders
  7. SharePoint 2010 CSS – Dialog Boxes
  8. You created a Content Type and it doesn’t inherit columns from the parent Content Type (Publishing Tip #1)
  9. Inconvenient good page title with SharePoint Server Web Content Management (revisited)
  10. Tips for doing SharePoint demos on virtual machines
  11. Debugging Sandboxed Code in InfoPath 2010 Forms
  12. SharePoint Calculator Service Part 4 – New Service Application UI
  13. SharePoint Calculator Service Part 5 – Service Application PowerShell
  14. Registering EventHandlers against ContentTypes
  15. Error occurred in deployment step – moving a workflow project to a new SharePoint 2010 machine
  16. Creating a SharePoint Application Page for Anonymous Access
  17. How To Hide Ribbon From Users Without Edit Page Privilege
  18. How SharePoint integrates with the ASP.NET Infrastructure
  19. SharePoint – The Most Important Feature
  20. The relative effort of SharePoint 2010 vs. 2007


  1. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Save an Image in Your Silverlight Applications
  2. Creating a simple layout panel in Silverlight
  3. Application Partitioning with MEF, Silverlight and Windows Azure – Part II
  4. Creating custom Silverlight buttons with Images Gradients and Transitions
  5. Sesame update du jour: SL 4, OOB, Azure, and proxy support
  6. Consuming REST/POX services in Silverlight 4
  7. Consuming REST/JSON services in Silverlight 4
  8. SL Timeline control for SharePoint
  9. OData Explorer updated to SL4 RTM
  10. Debugging Silverlight 4 Out of Browser Application
  11. Silverlight and WCF caching
  12. Silverlight 4 clipboard access with the Elevated permission on
  13. Updates to Silverlight Multi-binding support
  14. Silverlight Simplified MVVM Modal Popup
  15. Introducing the Model Thread View Thread Pattern
  16. Silverlight Out of Browser (OOB) Versions, Images, and Isolated Storage
  17. How to center and scale Silverlight applications using ViewBox control
  18. Silverlight Center And Scale Behavior
  19. New Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to Make a Slide In/Out Navigation Bar – All in Blend


  1. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/27/2010+
  2. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/29/2010+
  3. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/30/2010+
  4. Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 5/1/2010+
  5. Clarification on the last drop of Windows Azure Architecture Guide
  6. Continuation Tokens in Windows Azure Tables – Back and Previous paging
  7. How does Microsoft Secure it Cloud Infrastructure?
  8. Real World Windows Azure: Interview with Shane Leonard, Senior Director at Givedon
  9. Miami 311: Built on Windows Azure
  10. @ Home With Windows Azure
  11. Basic Azure Diagnostics
  12. Windows Azure Guidance – Failure recovery and data consistency – Part II

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