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Links (7/26/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on July 26, 2010


  1. SharePoint Patterns & Practices Guidance now available for 2010
  2. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010
  3. SharePoint 2010 Two Tier Global Navigation
  4. Announcing the release of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit version 1.0
  5. Collaboration in the Cloud
  6. Remove branding from a SharePoint 2010 web part page for use in a dashboard
  7. Hide the Ribbon to non contributors
  8. Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy
  9. Download Document Set as zip
  10. Service Application Overview in SharePoint 2010
  11. SharePoint 2010 Visual Studio Replaceable Parameters
  12. Feature upgrade (part 3) – introducing SPFeatureUpgrade kit
  13. Getting SharePoint folder views working on Windows 2008
  14. Writing A Custom Forms Login Page for SharePoint 2010 Part 1
  15. Writing A Custom Forms Login Page for SharePoint 2010 Part 2
  16. Creating a SharePoint 2010 Web Part That Can Read and Write Data to an External Data Source
  17. Announcing the release of the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit V1
  18. Resolve ListData.svc error
  19. Enterprise Architecture Governance Framework
  20. BPOS: Partner Profitability Modeler Tool
  21. How to remove “Open with (Windows) Explorer” button from Document Library’s Ribbon Menu
  22. SPMetal doesn’t like spaces
  23. Deleting versions from a Sharepoint list item
  24. SharePoint 2010 Guidance from the Patterns & Practices Group
  25. Ever wanted to stop conflicts on a calendar?
  26. Application master page files in SharePoint 2010
  27. SharePoint 2010 Service Application Design Best Practices
  28. Get the URL of a list
  29. Content database sizing guidance for SharePoint 2010
  30. SharePoint 2010 : why nothing happens when you click in the tag cloud
  31. Silverlight web part not grayed out behind SharePoint popup
  32. Workaround: Using Datasheet view when you have 64-bit Office installed
  33. SharePoint 2010 How to delete the Drop Off Library
  34. Page Layout Buttons Disabled on Ribbon
  35. Compare SharePoint 2010 Editions
  36. Next Generation BPOS
  37. Just found – Office site with SPD 2010 and SP 2010 articles
  38. The SharePoint Summer Whirlwind Tour
  39. Excel Services Security Best Practices – Overview Of Excel Services Security
  40. Excel Services Security Best Practices – Trusted Data Providers And Data Connections
  41. Excel Services and Excel Web Apps common/different features
  42. SharePoint 2010 Development: Replaceable Tokens
  43. The first cumulative update for SharePoint 2010 family has been released
  44. Organizing your workspaces and contacts in SharePoint Workspace
  45. The benefits of building SharePoint websites
  46. Peer to Peer Solutions using SharePoint Workspace 2010
  47. Storing Templates for Content Types in a Document Library
  48. White Paper Explores Identity Concepts for BI, Reporting in SharePoint 2010
  49. SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management Resource Center – NEW!
  50. Replace The Default SharePoint People Picker With A Custom People Picker


  1. Data Validation And Templating in Silverlight 4
  2. Events and Delegates Under The Hood – Reposted
  3. Teaching An Old Control New Tricks With Templates
  4. Performance Profiling Silverlight 4 Step-by-Step
  5. Video: Intro to Xaml
  6. Silverlight Grid Row Gradients
  7. Silverlight, .NET 4.0 and LINQ Articles Link List
  8. Understanding control customization with templates: part #1
  9. Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta Released
  10. Introduction to Managed Extensibility Framework with Silverlight 4.0
  11. Use CollectionViewSource in Silverlight to Sort Data
  12. Telerik Releases RichTextBox for Silverlight, Assembly Minifier and 6 New Controls
  13. Raising a Button Click in a DataGrid using MVVM
  14. Styles in Silverlight: an Introduction
  15. Community Goodies: Silverlight for PC
  16. Resources for geekSpeak: Local Messaging and Silverlight with Brian Lagunas
  17. Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework Updated
  18. PivotViewer Silverlight Control API Overview
  19. The World’s Simplest Silverlight/RIA/POCO Example
  20. Raising a Button Click in a DataGrid using MVVM
  21. To XAML, with love (an experiment with XAML Serialization in Silverlight)
  22. MVVM Frameworks Explorer updated
  23. MVVM and DialogResult with no code-behind
  24. Windows Phone 7 Design Resources – UI Guide and Design Templates
  25. More Windows Phone 7 Jump Start sessions, plus forum
  26. Simplifying commands in MVVM and WPF
  27. Exposing and Binding to a Silverlight ScrollViewer’s Scrollbars
  28. The Value of Prism (Silverlight TV #37)
  29. Support auto width in Silverlight web part


  1. Azure Architectural Guidance Part 1 Review: Migration
  2. Get to Access Services tables with OData
  3. MSDN: Double the Azure
  4. Windows Azure MSDN offer extended to 16 months
  5. Windows Azure platform for client application developers
  6. Writing a console app that access Azure Storage
  7. Aberdeen Says Companies are Safer in the Cloud
  8. Handling Transactions in SQL Azure
  9. Windows Server AppFabric: Better, Faster, Cheaper
  10. You asked for private cloud; we have it for you – Windows Azure Platform Appliance!

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