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Error Compiling Old Visual Studio Project

Posted by Steve Pietrek on September 21, 2010

So I had one of those idiot moments. I am preparing for a SharePoint 2007 Development training class I am giving next week. I was attempting to compile a Visual Studio project that defined my web part definitions. I received the following error when I attempted to compile the application. I was referencing the Microsoft.SharePoint assembly correctly.

The type or namespace name ‘SharePoint’ does not exist in the namespace ‘Microsoft’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)

This particular project had not been compiled since before SP2 was released. I am sure you can see where this is going. Anyway, after pulling my hair out for 30 minutes, I soon realized my mistake. Since the project was last compiled prior to SP2, the target framework was still set back to “.NET Framework 2.0”. Setting the target framework to “.NET Framework 3.0” resolved my issue.

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Error during Search Crawl (Post SP2)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on May 27, 2009

Last week I ran into an interesting issue while preparing for my presentation at COSPUG Show & Tell. The application I demo uses Search results for displaying documents. Typically, I turn off full and incremental crawls in my VM to save a few cycles. Since my demo relies I search, I set the search schedules and waited; unfortunately after the incremental crawl ran a few times, none of my search results were returning anything. I then manually kicked off a full crawl – again no results. Dang, maybe my search index is hosed? Reset the index and full crawl – no results. 

I checked out the Event Viewer and had tons of these messages (every time a full or incremental crawl ran):

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search
Event Category: Gatherer
Event ID: 2436
Date:  05/20/2009
Time:  12:30:41 pm
User:  N/A
The start address <http://servername:20000/sites/sitename> cannot be crawled.

Context: Application ‘SharedServices1’, Catalog ‘Portal_Content’

Details: The object was not found.   (0x80041201)

OK, not a helpful error message. Searched Google and lots of resolutions related to AAM and other things which didn’t seem to fit my scenario. I then checked out the Search Logs in the SSP and found the following errors:

The object was not found. (The item was deleted because it was either not found or the crawler was denied access to it.)

The object in my case was http://servername:20000/. Which is interesting because I don’t have a site at the root. Hmm. Let’s add a blank team site at the root and try again. Yeah! Success! Search works!


  1. SP2 (or a update between SP1 and SP2) made having a site at the root to search a requirement. I have talked to a few SharePoint administrators and they all said I should have had a site at the root anyway (Sean McDonough had a blog post from 2007 on the subject); however, search was working fine prior to installing SP2 without the root site.
  2. Lesson learned. If you have a separate VM for demoing, leave well enough alone and avoid rocking the boat by upgrading (or at least ensure you have enough time to dry-run your demo) unless you absolutely need to. Would have looked like a real sap if I didn’t find the search issue prior to delivering my presentation.
  3. SharePoint has many locations to find errors. Just a matter of looking in the right location.

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The file ‘xxx’ is checked out or locked for editing by someone else

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 16, 2009

I have been building out a POC for a future project. To expedite feedback, the client asked for us to record the end-user experience. One of the areas I wanted to focus on was the process of collaborating on documents. This includes:

  1. Content approval
  2. Major versions
  3. Require check out before editing

After setting these options in Actions > Document Library Settings > Versioning settings, I also wanted to demonstrate the process of checking out a document, editing the spreadsheet in Excel, checking the document back into SharePoint. The client is also interested in saving the files to the local drafts folder so work can be done offline. Easy enough. I then went through the following process:

  1. Opened the site
  2. For the desired file, selected “Edit in Microsoft Office Excel” from the ECB.
  3. Entered my credentials in Excel.
  4. Made desired changes to spreadsheet.
  5. Saved spreadsheet.
  6. Closed spreadsheet and was prompted to check the document in. Selected Yes.
  7. Entered a version comment and WHAM!!!, I received the following error.


Now this is confusing to me. I logged in as user1 into SharePoint and entered user1’s credentials into Excel when prompted. So it thinks it is checked out to someone else. Very interesting.

I proceeded to discard the checkout and try again but was met with the same error. I was testing the process in my VM (Windows Server 2008) so I switched over to my host (Windows 7) and ran through the same process (calling into my VM). It worked!!! So what is different?

  1. Operating systems are different. Duh.
  2. They are both running IE 8.
  3. The IE8 settings are the same.
  4. Could it be a service difference? Compared services and saw one difference. The Windows Server 2008 client had the WebClient service enabled and the Window 7 client did not. Hmmm. I disabled the service and ran through the process. It now works!!!!

A few notes:

  1. The reason I had the WebClient service enabled was issues I was seeing with Excel Services and not being able to publish from Excel. Sigh.
  2. I was running into an issue a few weeks ago where my SPD workflow would not start when an item was created or changed. I was using IE7 at the time and upgraded to IE8 and the problem went away. It did work in Firefox 3.0 and IE6 (through IETester). Not sure if it was related or now.
  3. I am still running into issues where if I don’t check the document in through Excel, when I attempt to check the document in through the SharePoint UI, I receive the error “This document was checked out to your local drafts folder but the local copy could not be checked in to the site.”. (see full error below)




Guess it’s the price you pay for developing in a Server OS.

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STSADM: Command Line Error

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 19, 2009

I was working with a coworker yesterday. He was having an issue deploying a solution. Reviewing the STSADM command, things looked correct; however, when he hit Enter to run the command, all the STSADM commands would display. Similar to what happens when you run STSADM.EXE -help. Scrolling to the top of the list of commands was the “Command Line Error”.  Turns out he was copying the command from a blog post of mine and WordPress must do something with the dashes (similar issue with quotes).

Long story short, instead of copying/pasting STSADM commands, type the command manually. Problem solved.

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Windows Server 2008 Client Issues

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 26, 2009

As most SharePoint developers likely do, I run my SharePoint environments using virtualization software (VMWare Workstation). Last week I was preparing for a demo. I was going to cover Excel Services; therefore, I needed to publish a few Excel spreadsheets. When I brought up the Publish dialog and attempted to specify the document library which will hold my spreadsheets, I would receive errors that the website could not be found. What puzzled me was it worked fine in Windows Server 2003.

Below are a list of similar issues I ran into:

  1. Could not publish an Excel spreadsheet to Excel Services. Received a “Cannot find ‘http://webaddress&#8217;. Please check your spelling.” error.
  2. When attempting to view the list in Windows Explorer, I received the error: “Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer”.
  3. When creating a new Word document by clicking the New button in a document library toolbar, after adding text, the document could only be saved to the local file system. If I selected the option to edit the document in Microsoft Word, after making changes, the document would be saved to the SharePoint document library.
  4. When attempting to open a document in Word by specifying a web folder, I would receive the error that it could not be found.

After some research, the issue seemed related to the WebClient service not being started. When I reviewed my services list, I did not even have the WebClient service installed. Reviewing the list of Windows Server 2008 features, I figured the problem was related to the Desktop Experience feature not being installed. After installing the feature, everything worked correctly.

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Error Referencing SlideLibrary.asmx

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 14, 2009

I am putting together a quick prototype where I want to have slide library integration in PowerPoint. I understand there is already PowerPoint integration in PowerPoint 2007 for slide libraries; however, it requires a higher version of PowerPoint (Enterprise and Ultimate) and the OOTB functionality does not meet my needs. Doing research yesterday, there is little information on the slide library web service (/_vti_bin/SlideLibrary.asmx). This link contains some good information on how the PowerPoint team is accessing SharePoint using the slide library web service (see image below). I have worked with a few of the SharePoint web services but never the Slide Library one. I did run into one issue when adding the reference which I wanted to document in this post.

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Script controls may not be registered before PreRender

Posted by Steve Pietrek on April 11, 2008

I have been working on a few custom Web Controls/Web Parts. One of the controls is a stock quote which updates every 10 minutes (or whatever the user defines). This is done by using an UpdatePanel and Timer. In my custom application.master page, I have the stock quote Web Control. When I attempt to view the People and Groups page in Site Settings (/_layouts/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=4), I receive the following error.  

Script controls may not be registered before PreRender.   at System.Web.UI.ScriptControlManager.RegisterScriptControl[TScriptControl](TScriptControl scriptControl)
   at System.Web.UI.UpdateProgress.OnPreRender(EventArgs e)
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal()
   at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

What’s weird is I can access other pages within _layouts without issues. My thinking is there must be some extra things going on in the people.aspx page which is causing the error. I will review it over the weekend. Anybody else seen this?

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SharePoint Life Lessons #001

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 26, 2008

Ran into a few anomalies I wanted to get down.

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PortalSiteMapProvider and CAS

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 18, 2008

Today I was looking to roll my own site map. Nothing special – just wanted to display the content in a SPTreeView. The code is fairly basic:

PortalSiteMapProvider portalSiteMap = new PortalSiteMapProvider();
portalSiteMap.IncludePages = PortalSiteMapProvider.IncludeOption.Always;
portalSiteMap.IncludeHeadings = false;
portalSiteMap.EncodeOutput = true;

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Oops! Mistake in Custom Application.Master

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 18, 2008

I have been working on a custom application.master file for a client. Things look good but when I attempted to add a workflow to a list, I received the following error:

Unable to validate data. at System.Web.Configuration.MachineKeySection.GetDecodedData(Byte[] buf, Byte[] modifier, Int32 start, Int32 length, Int32& dataLength) at System.Web.UI.ObjectStateFormatter.Deserialize(String inputString)

RESOLUTION: Duh! I knew this was an issue but forgot to remove it. The problem is I had the Search box included in application.master – a no-no. After removing it from the application.master, things seem to be working now – at least I was able to add a workflow. Next step is to create a HTTPModule which will automatically switch the application.master for _layouts pages. I’ll blog about this when I am complete.

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Oh my! My SharePoint logs are HUGE!

Posted by Steve Pietrek on February 13, 2008

Today I mysteriously lost over 8GB of disk space since Monday. They say size doesn’t matter but this is crazy… 8+ GB of SharePoint logs!!!!


Nothing in the Event Viewer shows anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I can think of is I have not been shutting down my VM recently. I just put the host into hibernate. Yesterday, I noticed my time was off by 9 hours so I reset the time in the guest. Bet I threw SharePoint for a loop doing that.

Bottom line: If you use VMware, I would suggest at least suspending the VM before hibernating the host. Weird!

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Custom Application.Master: Script error when creating new list column

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 30, 2008

OK, learn something new everyday. After the success of creating a custom application.master and applying it correctly (I am currently using Method #1 until I can find the time to do an application development method), I ran into an issue creating a new list column. Within IE7, I received an “undefined or null” script error. Firefox wouldn’t do anything.

Fired up Firebug and reviewed the SubmitPage() method. Set a few breakpoints and realized the FrmSubmit object is undefined. Doh!

Realizing the FrmSubmit information is set by the PlaceHolderUtilityContent placeholder, I quickly saw my error. The problem was I had embedded the PlaceHolderUtilityContent placeholder within the main <Form>. Moved the following line outside of </form> but above </body> and I am good to go.

<asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderUtilityContent" runat="server"></asp:ContentPlaceHolder>

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Error: Cannot convert type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.DelegateControl’ to ‘System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor’

Posted by Steve Pietrek on January 29, 2008

Today I was modifying application.master and ran into the following error:

“Cannot convert type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.DelegateControl’ to ‘System.Web.UI.IAttributeAccessor'”

Instead of following my own advice on disabling My Site and My Links, I commented out the two lines in the custom Master File I created. I copied the commented code from my custom Master File to application.master. When I refreshed the page, I received the error above. At least for the two lines I commented out, SPD adds characters for spaces and such. It does not cause any issues for end-user Master Pages but it does for application.master. Figuring that was the issue, I put back the correct code and uncommented. Error went away.  

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Internet Explorer 6.0 Crash Clicking Items in Quick Launch

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 24, 2007

Hey everyone,

I’m hoping for a little guidance. I created a basic team site which has a Shared Documents document library and Calendar, Tasks, and Issues lists. As you can read, pretty simple stuff.

I have two users who are running IE 6 (6.0.2900.2180) and when they click a link in the Quick Launch bar, they receive the following error. The error occurs in kernel32.exe.


I have read numerous posts on this issue. There are quite a few on users running into this issue when opening a document (Microsoft has a hotfix on this). It seems related to owssup.dll. My users are not opening documents, they are just clicking the list links in the Quick Launch. My feeling is there is an add-on which is messing up IE. I told them to disable them and figure out which one is causing it.

Update #1 (11/7/2007): I have done a little more research on the issue. I believe the issue is related to either an add-on or a conflict with having Office 2003/Office 2007 applications installed on the system. We ran into another user who has the same issue. What do all of the users have in common? They are all running Office 2003 and Project 2007. Although I told them to go through the list of add-ons and disable one at a time and retry, I believe it’s the conflict issue. I wrote up instructions for the users to hopefully resolve the issue. We’ll see when they run through the tests:

  1. Open C:\program files\microsoft office\office 12\ 
  2. Rename the OWSSUPP.DLL file to something like OWSSUPP.backup.
  3. Go to Start –> All Programs –> Microsoft Office –> Microsoft Office Tools –> Microsoft Office Diagnostics.
  4. Run the tool after it runs you will have a new OWSSUPP.DLL file.  If you look at the time stamp it should be an hour newer than the other dlls.

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