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Links (10/21/2010)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on October 21, 2010

Yep, it has been way too long since I wrote a links post. Moving to a new city (Raleigh, NC), jumpstarting a new office, and learning new technologies have taken my available time. I hope to continue with my links blog posts. Definitely a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and news.


  1. SharePoint 2010: Planning and Deploying User Profiles
  2. SharePoint 2010: Governance Planning
  3. SharePoint IE8 Accelerator
  4. The SharePoint 2010 developer center
  5. SharePoint Cascading drop downs using jQuery
  6. Adding Intellisense for SharePoint 2010 Custom Workflow .Actions File
  7. Set object caching user accounts with PowerShell
  8. SharePoint 2010 Themes Gallery
  9. Video: Creating Custom SharePoint 2010 Field Types
  10. Creating Multicolumn SharePoint 2010 Field Types (Visual How To)
  11. Creating Custom SharePoint 2010 Field Types (Visual How To)
  12. Video: Creating Multicolumn SharePoint 2010 Field Types
  13. Blog Post: Microsoft launches the Online Service Health Dashboard for BPOS – Standard customers World Wide
  14. Blog Post: 12th Largest State Is 1st to the Cloud with BPOS
  15. Features of a SharePoint 2010 Learning Platform- The power of search for learning (1 of 3)
  16. Features of a SharePoint 2010 Learning Platform- The power of search for learning (2 of 3)
  17. Chapter 3: SharePoint Developer Tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Inside SharePoint 2010)
  18. Chapter 4: Sandboxed Solutions (Inside SharePoint 2010)
  19. How to set values for a checkbox choice list field? (SPFieldMultiChoice)
  20. SharePoint 2010 Fixed Width Master Pages Revisited
  21. “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when using SharePoint’s ClientContext.Current in Silverlight
  22. What’s My Correlation ID
  23. Comparison of User Experience / Usability differences from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  24. SharePoint development environments, my guidance
  25. Inconvenient SharePoint 2010 Content Query Web Part and Anonymous Access
  26. Minifying custom JavaScript files in SharePoint 2010
  27. SharePoint 2010 Centered Fixed Width Design
  28. Enable Small Social Buttons in SharePoint 2010
  29. Enumerating All SPWebs In SPFarm.Local Into Strongly Typed Collection
  30. Why There is a Shortage of SharePoint Experts
  31. Using Business Connectivity Services to Display SharePoint 2010 ULS Logs
  32. Using jQuery validation in a sharepoint web part
  33. Deploying an ASP.NET HttpHandler to SharePoint 2010
  34. Setting up Audiences in SharePoint
  35. SharePoint REST (ODATA) is Insecure
  36. Nifty trick with Visual Studio 2010 replaceable parameters for SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
  37. Walkthrough of creating association between Sharepoint BDC entities using Visual Studio 2010
  38. Uses of SharePoint
  39. Top 10 technical questions you should be asking before upgrading your customer to SharePoint 2010
  40. How to provision SharePoint 2010 Rating columns in Content Types
  41. Push or pull publishing pages from SharePoint 2010
  42. Extending LINQ to SharePoint Entity Models for SharePoint Server 2010 or Custom Field Types
  43. Service Application Overview in SharePoint 2010
  44. SharePoint 2010 Service Application Design Best Practices
  45. Building Secure SharePoint Service Oriented Farms


  1. **** Understanding the Role of Commanding in Silverlight 4 Applications
  2. Silverlight Media Framework Now With Windows Phone 7 Goodness
  3. Yet Another Podcast Show #3 – John Papa on MVVM and Patterns
  4. The Future of Silverlight
  5. PropertyOf and INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged without strings
  6. Debugging Silverlight with Visual Studio and Firefox
  7. Listening to DependencyProperty changes in Silverlight
  8. Flashing Text in Silverlight 4
  9. Encryption in Silverlight and .NET Applications
  10. SketchFlow from a developer point of view – Part II – Dev Stuff
  11. Building a DataGrid Control for Silverlight for Windows Phone – Part 1
  12. “Fade in” Screen in Silverlight 4
  13. Loading a static XML file to your Windows Phone/Silverlight App
  14. Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Released
  15. Architecting Enterprise LOB Silverlight applications – Part 3
  16. Simplifying Silverlight Web Service Calls with Reactive Extensions (Rx)
  17. Styles In Silverlight
  18. A DotNetNuke Silverlight Expense Report Module
  19. WCF RIA Services Part 4 – MVVM articles is live
  20. WCF RIA Services Part 6 – Validating Data
  21. Validating Data in Silverlight 4 Applications – IDataErrorInfo
  22. Unit Testing XAML Data-Bindings in Silverlight
  23. Windows Phone 7 MVVM Template for Visual Studio
  24. Async Data Validation
  25. Navigating between Pages in Different Xaps (by using MEF)
  26. A Dial (User) Control
  27. How To Start An Animation From View Model (MVVM)
  28. Silverlight: Why I feel “Design Is The Most Important Thing”


  1. Blog Post: SQL Azure and On-Premise Solutions – Weighing your Options
  2. Understanding the Procedure Cache on SQL Azure

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