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Save Steps, Export that Web Part!

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 31, 2008

I was working with a client last week on some content they want to display in a certain format. The content medium will be used across the site and will be used multiple times.

After spending time creating the content, the client (who isn’t very knowledgeable in HTML) but comfortable enough with how SharePoint works, clicked the Source Editor button, selected all the markup, and copied the content to the clipboard. He then added another CEWP, edited the Web Part, click the Source Editor butotn, and pasted the markup. He was now able to go into the Rich Text Editor and make the required changes.

Great! Then I asked him if he wanted to reduce the steps significantly. He was all for that!

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Links (3/30/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 30, 2008


  1. **** Avoid enumerating SPListItemCollection object – hmm. need to make some code changes and do some further research.
  2. **** Access Checker Web Part v1.1
  3. **** Announcing the release of SPRSS
  4. SPRSS – Interesting usage scenarios
  5. Remove Saturday & Sunday from a calendar view in SharePoint
  6. Community Server and SharePoint Integration – congrats Leon!!!!!
  7. Moving sites between SharePoint farms using DB backups – not recommended – use STSADM export/import
  8. EndUserSharePoint.com: Permissions nightmare – 70 groups for 7 pages
  9. Calendar Web Part for Sharepoint that displays & Give Details of Events from an Event List
  10. SharePoint caching in the BaseFieldControl
  11. Workaround to allow multiple instances of a Workflow on a single item
  12. How to change SharePoint Service Accounts
  13. ListViewWebPart and ToolbarType
  14. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCVII – 24th – 29th March 2008
  15. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 4
  16. Create custom Alert Email Handler
  17. A tip for your SharePoint development VM
  18. Personal Storage – H, U, My Docs, and My Sites – Who Wins?
  19. Latest SharePoint News 03.28.08
  20. Encrypting Information in SharePoint Lists
  21. MOSS 2007 – Structuring Web Applications with a level of fault isolation


  1. OBA demo Part 1: OBA Composition Reference Toolkit
  2. Document Information Panel does not load and errors out in Sharepoint 2007 and Word 2007

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Links (3/27/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 27, 2008


  1. Using TypeMock.NET To Abstract SharePoint With Mocks
  2. Stress Testing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2008
  3. Style up your ‘Best Bets’ results in SharePoint
  4. Retrieve WSP file contents from SharePoint
  5. Silverprint a webcast on the SharePoint Silverlight Blueprint
  6. VMWare Could Impact MOSS Components Dependent Upon Time Such as Kerberos
  7. Disabling SharePoint TextField control programmatically from a Web part
  8. SharePoint List WebService to Insert Item
  9. CMS Watch Report: SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus Notes
  10. Adding a column to SharePoint news articles (design/edit view)
  11. Using calculated fields
  12. Using currency fields
  13. Using the Current User Filter as filter provider


  1. Create your own OneNote calendar using Outlook

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Links (3/26/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 26, 2008

  1. MOSS2007 – Content Query Web Part (Multiple Content Types)
  2. Using SPCalendarView to show items in a calendar
  3. MOSS Command Line Installation Round Up
  4. CryptoCollaboration Version (New) Being Released
  5. Lightning Conductor Web Part – roll up your SharePoint content
  6. Manage audiences with C#
  7. Adding SharePoint Document Libraries to the Save As Dialog
  8. Quick Summary of SSL and SharePoint
  9. Debugging Web Parts in SharePoint 2007
  10. Developing Basic Web Parts in SharePoint 2007
  11. Dump Recycle Bin Programmatically
  12. MOSS 2007 Content Deployment Options Comparison
  13. SharePoint Dev Tip – Restart the Timer
  14. Video and Audio Podcast: SharePoint Use with SDLC Type Documentation Video 1 of 6
  15. SPFieldDateTime Internal names and Default Values
  16. WSS FAQ addtions and corrections XCVI – 16th to 24th March 2008
  17. Customization of Title field in Picture Library
  18. Creating a read-only field with default value in a SharePoint list
  19. IIS App pool limits to keep in mind for SharePoint
  20. Jose Barreto’s Blog : Complete reference of all STSADM operations (with parameters) in MOSS 2007 SP1
  21. Several very useful open source add-ons and tools for SharePoint recently released
  22. The SharePoint Branding Tool
  23. Can we get the HTTPContext in custom event handlers in SharePoint ?
  24. Office Space: Simplify SharePoint Development with STSDEV – saw Ted use it at SPC2008 – not sure I would use it – but I can see the value
  25. SharePoint Conference – Building a SharePoint Designer Mashup (Part 1)
  26. Connecting filter providers to the DataFormWebPart?

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Links (3/24/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 24, 2008


  1. **** Introducing the Autocomplete Text Field for SharePoint 2007
  2. **** The What’s New Web Part for SharePoint 2007
  3. **** Development Tools – My list of plugins, apps and extensions that I use every day
  4. **** Showing Weather web-part using RSS & weather.yahoo.com (in Sharepoint 2007)
  5. **** How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions
  6. **** Ever wondered how the CQWP performs in comparison to custom aggregation web parts?
  7. **** SharePoint.Performance: Optimizing Web Parts
  8. Removing Name.dll
  9. Some Useful MOSS Search Development Related Articles
  10. Content deployment in WCM
  11. Ghost – ReGhost
  12. How to get to the WebPart Maintenance Page
  13. Migrating SharePoint 2007 SQL Databases
  14. Resolving Issues with Faulty Features and STSADM EXPORT
  15. Information Rights Management with SharePoint
  16. EndUserSharePoint.com: Putting headshots in the Quote of the Day web part
  17. EndUserSharePoint.com: SharePoint 101 – Tricks and Traps E-book
  18. SharePoint Search Service Tool now available on CodePlex
  19. More on Silverlight in SharePoint
  20. Changing Passwords for Office SharePoint Server Accounts with STSADM
  21. FeatureReceiver For Applying Custom Web.Config Changes
  22. Understanding Sharepoint CAML query
  23. SharePoint.Performance: Retrieving List Data, Part Deux
  24. Creating SharePoint webs with Excel and STSADM
  25. PowerShell: Generating a proxy for all the SharePoint WebServices
  26. Link SharePoint calendars to Outlook
  27. Our Initial Use of Email Enabled Libraries
  28. Synchronous and asynchronous Event Handlers


  1. Top 5 OneNote tips, and a nice little win
  2. New OneNote 2007 training course for beginners

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Links (3/20/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 20, 2008


  1. **** Everyone wants one – SharePoint asset viewer type web part
  2. Overriding Core Javascript Functions in SharePoint
  3. How to customise the SharePoint application.master file
  4. Get rid of Orphaned sites: Detach and Reattach the Content Database
  5. Fix For Bug With CustomAction (with source code)
  6. SharePoint Delegate Controls in SharePoint 2007 – Best Practices
  7. Moving sites within Site Collection
  8. Slidedeck for Accessibility Kit for SharePoint – Building Accessible Websites on MOSS 2007 session at SPC2008 now available
  9. Kerberos Authentication and SharePoint Key Resources
  10. SharePoint 2007 : SharePoint Quick Launch, SPViewPermissionSetting, SPListDisplaySetting
  11. Open Containing Folder in Search Results
  12. How to use MOSS output caching with custom parameters
  13. What is “SharePoint Farm”?
  14. Customizing SharePoint – A Webcast – lots of good webcasts
  15. SharePoint and AJAX Style Web Parts – A Webcast
  16. List Attachments over 50MB need more than an increase in Maximum Upload Size…
  17. New Registry File for Developing MOSS2007 Projects in a Workstation (XP or Vista)
  18. Check Outs Gone Crazy
  19. Content Query Web Part – Unable to Activate the Publishing Infrastructure
  20. Create Custom Wiki Tokens for CKS:EWE
  21. Returning GUID’s For Internal SharePoint Fields
  22. Set up SharePoint sites with user profiels and SSP correctly
  23. A bunch of different authentication options for SharePoint sites
  24. SharePoint Product recommendation of the week – WSS 3.0 Connected Fields
  25. How to add User Profile Property in MOSS 2007?
  26. Using the SharePoint developer explorer with Visual Studio 2008
  27. Redirect SharePoint Site to New Location


  1. Favorites powertoy for OneNote update, and developing a test matrix

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JavaScript Formatter

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 19, 2008

Was working with JavaScript and the source was formatted incorrectly which made it difficult to read. Found the site below and it worked for me.


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Links (3/18/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 18, 2008


  1. **** Create ‘open tool pane’ link in ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts for SharePoint
  2. **** Provide Status Updates for Long Running Operation Jobs – Part II
  3. Reasons to do a full crawl
  4. Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Implementing MOSS
  5. SharePoint Product recommendation of the week – WSS 3.0 Connected Fields
  6. Silverlight 2: Unable to call SharePoint’s Web Services
  7. SQL Reporting Services data from SharePoint lists
  8. SharePoint: Out of the Box Permissions Matrix
  9. Hitting “Session Timeout” errors when you clearly are not supposed to be hitting them
  10. Using SharePoint Sites to Build SharePoint
  11. Database restore and file cache in SharePoint
  12. Get rid of Orphaned sites: Detach and Reattach the Content Database
  13. SharePoint Videos and WhitePapers
  14. SharePoint Lists.asmx UpdateListItems: RootFolder
  15. So you think you can change your Web Config?
  16. When to use “using” (To dispose or not to dispose – that is the question)
  17. BinaryWave Sonar – Component Level Performance Measurement Tool for SharePoint – How We Did It – case study
  18. Observed Behavior: Moving SPD Workflows Within a Site Collection
  19. External Collaboration Toolkit Release
  20. SharePoint Database Log File Cancer
  21. A couple of ‘hidden features’ for the CKS:EBE
  22. Stop Calling ActiveX Name.dll
  23. Roadmap to Document Management – pt1
  24. Filtering the Content By Query Web Part on a Yes/No Field
  25. VS.Net SharePoint Developer Explorer – code released
  26. Open Source Faceted Search for MOSS 2007 and Microsoft Search Server 2008 – Part 2 of 2
  27. Best practices for the local, stand-alone SharePoint development environment
  28. Displaying Users with Presence in XSLT Data View
  29. AJAXConnectableWebPart
  30. You Can’t Remove an Item from the SPPropertyBag
  31. Migrating Web Part Pages to Publishing Pages
  32. 2 New SharePoint Visual How To’s (Record Center and SPGridView)


  1. How to display InfoPath forms inline with Outlook email message

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Links (3/16/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 16, 2008


  1. **** Great controls to be aware of when building SharePoint sites – excellent post!!!
  2. **** Hidden list named “User Information List” – for User Profiles
  3. **** Complete reference of all STSADM operations (with parameters) in MOSS 2007 SP1
  4. **** Creating a site administration page that looks like a real SharePoint administration page
  5. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCV – 9th – 15th March 2008
  6. How to Protect SharePoint with DPM 2007
  7. What About Resources for End Users?
  8. Back Up and Restore by Using Stsadm
  9. Creating an SQL Snapshot of a SharePoint Content Database
  10. SharePoint Deployment Guide and Checklists
  11. MOSS – Common Issue – events 5325, 4958, 6398 listed in the Event log and/or IIS MMC not responding
  12. Negative item count in document libraries
  13. How to hide Send To Records Center menu option in MOSS?
  14. New ContentByType webpart, who wants to test?
  15. EndUserSharePoint.com: Comparing Document Management Solutions – Homegrown or Third Party?
  16. What is not a Huge MOSS Workflow Issue (Take 2)
  17. Quick tip: Lookup fields to a document library
  18. SharePoint Does Not Provide Calendar Roll-ups; Potential SolutionsAtidan Collaboration Kit for Microsoft® SharePoint®
  19. Screencasts on Workflow – using WF
  20. Planning a SharePoint Implementation From a DBA Perspective
  21. Creating Lists and updating the default view programmatically in SharePoint 2007
  22. SharePoint 2007 Personalization Framework
  23. Using XSLT in your SharePoint web part
  24. Add SharePoint lookup column declaratively through CAML XML
  25. Can we update the values of “Created By”, “Modified By” columns in SharePoint lists ?
  26. How to modify the custom People/Groups type column of a SharePoint List using Lists.ASMX
  27. A way of hiding ListViewWebParts in all pages of SharePoint site in a single shot
  28. Programmatically create a view (custom view) of a list and change the view
  29. Create publishing pages in portal sites programmatically
  30. Debugging the inline code of custom layout pages in SharePoint


  1. Get Your Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

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Links (3/13/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 13, 2008


  1. **** Porting a SharePoint Designer (SPD) Workflow to Visual Studio.Net – Part 1
  2. Evaluating SharePoint Partner Solutions and Applications built on SharePoint
  3. MOSS – Common Issue – Incremental deployment fails with “The changeToken refers to a time before the start of the current change log.”
  4. WSPBuilder Extensions v 1.01 Released
  5. Content Types and CSS Resources
  6. New Design and Build Guide for MOSS 2007
  7. Training Cohort Solution
  8. Optimizing your web content management portal
  9. Web Part Properties and the AfterDeserialize method
  10. Unit testing and Commerce Server 2007 Contexts
  11. Removing Web Parts from the ‘My Site’ Web Part Gallery
  12. Details about AKS 2.0
  13. Announcing Accessibility Kit for SharePoint 1.1 and Future Roadmap
  14. Common error situation when using backup/restore to transfer a database to a new farm on MOSS 2007
  15. Folders within a SharePoint pages library are not supported
  16. SharePoint stsadm -o import FatalError resolution – “FatalError: The specified user [username] could not be found” and “Error: Unable to read cabinet info from [filelocation] FatalError: Failed to read package file.”
  17. Tips for custom EditForm and NewForm
  18. Quick and Simple: Provision a Web Site Using SharePoint Object Model In C#
  19. Backup Throughput Benchmarks
  20. MSDN: Implementing a Membership Provider
  21. SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Integration…and a good Dynamics CRM blog
  22. SharePoint Lists.asmx UpdateListItems: Root Folder
  23. EndUserSharePoint.com: How can I control the default views when clicking a header on the Quick Launch?


  1. Assigning InfoPath Form template to forms library in a custom site Definition
  2. The ramblings continue…starting out on OBA
  3. OneNote 2007 Help & How-to home page\
  4. Tips about InfoPath – Part 1

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Links (3/11/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 11, 2008


  1. Top 10 SQL 2008 Features for SharePoint IT Pro
  2. Verbose List of WSS 3.0 Events
  3. Verbose List of SharePoint Server 2007 Events
  4. Downloadable books for Office SharePoint Server 2007
  5. Column Permissions in SharePoint List
  6. Fixing SharePoint 401.1 HTTP errors
  7. RadEditor for MOSS updated to v4.51
  8. Creating a Dashboard (KPI like bar graph) view with Dataview webpart in SharePoint 2007
  9. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 3
  10. MOSS2007 Testing Using Visual Studio Team System 2008
  11. How to configure your SharePoint extended IIS Web App for working with Silverlight 2 applications
  12. SPWebConfigModification Best Practices and Guidelines
  13. SharePoint Debugging: No symbols loaded
  14. Integrate SharePoint Designer Workflows with Web Services
  15. Old-school Icons
  16. Extra upload page Part 1 – The Basics
  17. New target database for gradual migration
  18. Formatting the BDC List Web Part with SharePoint Designer
  19. Forms Based Authentication – Application Pool Account Permissions
  20. Using MSBuild to manage deployments in SharePoint – Part 1
  21. Using MSBuild to manage deployments in SharePoint – Part 2
  22. ‘Stapler’ vs. ‘Site Definition’ Feature Activation
  23. Custom List Feature
  24. Creating filtered views
  25. SharePoint CAPTCHA
  26. SharePoint User Group Portal – Sneak Peak
  27. EndUserSharePoint.com: Quote of the Day web part now in the wild!


  1. OneNote Object Model
  2. Share a Ribbon Customization between Office Applications
  3. Survive the [your event here!] with OneNote
  4. Back up and Restore Project Server 2007 using STSADM
  5. Excel 2007 Extension Warning On Opening Excel Workbook from a Web Site

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Links (3/9/2008)

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 9, 2008


  1. **** MOSS 2007 with SP1 (Slipstream) OfficeServerwithSP1.exe Released – Yeah!!!
  2. **** 10 Solutions Every SharePoint Developer Should Know How to Create
  3. Applying Unique Constraints to SharePoint List Columns
  4. Hiding Individual Menu Items on SharePoint Toolbars
  5. Working with SharePoint 2007 logs – SharePoint Logging Spy
  6. AKS 1.1 Released
  7. Getting SharePoint and Exchange Outlook Web Access to play nicely together
  8. Using the XML webPart in WSS to render RSS
  9. Customizing SharePoint – a webcast
  10. Microsoft changes the game plan for JD Edwards – SharePoint
  11. The SPListItem.CopyTo() method doesn’t seem to work on a custom list
  12. How To Create SubSites with Different Templates in MOSS 2007
  13. Installing WSS 3.0 and MOSS SP1 – “The update is already installed on this system
  14. Managing SQL Server for MOSS
  15. Smart Search for SharePoint v1.2
  16. Man, What a week! SharePoint Conference 2008 recap (Joel)
  17. Feature Stapling is really just for out of the box site definitions
  18. Feature properties, web.config, and feature properties inheritance
  19. Crawling a Content Source Requiring Basic Authentication
  20. Set Anonymous Access – custom stsadm command
  21. How to use PowerShell on SharePoint from wbaer
  22. How to Move a SharePoint Database To a New Server
  23. Solution Package (WSP)
  24. Tools of the trade – of a SharePoint developer
  25. Thoughts and best practices around the “Smart Part”
  26. Using a SharePoint 2007 content type in a List definition
  27. IE8 Beta 1 SharePoint Screenshots – not so good
  28. Massive operations in the same WSS/MOSS Document Library/List – Be cautious!!!
  29. Announcing the Community Kit for SharePoint: Enhanced Blog Edition 2.0 (CKS:EBE) final release!
  30. Options for branding application pages in MOSS/WSS
  31. Think About Your SharePoint Taxonomy Before Deployment
  32. SSP and OWSTimer Service – Job Descriptions Used for Synchronization
  33. Problems Importing Profile Data from BDC
  34. Content Types: Part 2 – Creation and Association of Workflows and Document Templates (Republish)
  35. SharePoint Change Management / Internal ‘Buzz’ Materials Released – BuzzKit
  36. Slow Performance Seen on MOSS Server WFE After Applying W2K3SP2
  37. Content Query WebPart Links Fail with 404
  38. stsadm –o export command and receiving a “Failed to compare two elements in the array.”
  39. Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 — Part 2
  40. EndUserSharePoint.com: SPC2008 – Free “Quote of the Day” Web Part
  41. What to know about SmartPart, and LoadControl()
  42. Recap of my SharePoint Conference 2008 Sessions – Andrew Connell
  43. Creating Solutions with the Business Data Catalog (BDC) Session Materials – Todd Baginski
  44. Announcing “GEAR Up” for SharePoint
  45. Microsoft Online Services for SharePoint
  46. Announcing the Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint
  47. Using Month element in DateRangesOverlap can return items not in the specified month
  48. Roundup of recently released Microsoft Solution Accelerators for SharePoint
  49. Using an Extension Method to check if an item exists in a SharePoint collection
  50. MOSS workflows: “This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited”, what the heck?
  51. Go SharePoint : Virtual Server 2005 Gotcha…
  52. Single-select Dimension member Analysis Services Filter Web Part
  53. MSDN forums for sharepoint developer
  54. Switch the sharepoint webpart page Display Mode into Edit Mode and Vice Versa
  55. Not all sites appear in the SharePoint navigation and table of contents webpart
  56. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCII – 26th February – 1st March 2008
  57. WSS FAQ – additions and corrections – XCIV – 2nd March – 8th March 2008
  58. Filtering and Formatting with Date Values
  59. Sort a List / Document Library view using URL
  60. Google Sites != MOSS Killer (yet)
  61. Visual Studio Solution for MOSS Feature Generator
  62. Assign a task to a Group
  63. Create good-looking WSS/MOSS Forms
  64. What to do When User Profiles Don’t Have Email Addresses
  65. EndUserSharePoint.com: SilverLight and SharePoint – does it work?
  66. More PowerShell Scripting for MOSS
  67. My Sites and Memberships
  68. Found Block That Points Outside Data File At
  69. Changing Links List In SharePoint 2007 To Open In New Browser Window
  70. Modify the Display Forms – SharePoint Designer
  71. Ghost Columns in Lists
  72. Saving site as a site template with DataView WebPart
  73. SharePoint Cross List Queries in a custom UserControl
  74. List All Databases In A MOSS 2007 Farm
  75. Move WSS3.0/MOSS2007 Databases To Different Server


  1. Office Business Apps with Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO 3.0
  2. Virtual PC and Virtual Server
  3. VSTO Power tool: SharePoint Workflow package generator
  4. A new OneNote Favorites Powertoy
  5. InfoPath Forms 2007 Web Service – Change URL – Fix URL – URL Problem
  6. How to show the forms library item data to which workflow is attached in the infopath based task form
  7. Stumbling Through: K2 [blackpearl] – Infopath Integration (Part II)
  8. MOSS 2007 Integration with Office InfoPath 2007

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SharePoint Conference 2008 – Day 4

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 6, 2008

Although the SPC2008 goes through today (Thursday), since I have a 11:41 am flight this morning, my last day at the conference was yesterday. Again it was a beautiful, yet cooler, day in Seattle.

I had some work to do in the morning so I only caught the last 20 minutes or so of Greg LeMond’s keynote. The summary was “keep setting finish lines and attempt to finish”. Wise

The only session in the morning was Joel Oleson and Bob Fox presenting on what’s new for SharePoint developers in Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. There were many nuggets of information. First, as I am sure most already know, SharePoint 2007 is the last 32-bit version – going the ways of Exchange Server 2007 and 64-bit only. Hopefully by then VPC2007 supports 64-bit clients – don’t think it does currently – but I know VMware Workstation (my primary tool) does. As noted by many posts, in order to install MOSS on Server 2008, it must be MOSS SP1. Currently there is no install program which allows you to do so but there are posts out there – search my blog – on what is needed to create your own slipstream. Joel did say we should expect a MOSS SP1 Slipstream install within the next few weeks. Joel mentioned there was a lab which covers installing MOSS in Server 2008 but I can’t seem to find it.

The second session of the day was Heather Solomon‘s presentation on “Advanced SharePoint Branding”. The presentation was labeled a 400-level presentation. Possibly it’s because I have quite a bit of experience branding SharePoint sites but I would not have labeled it a 400-level presentation. With that in mind, Heather definitely knows her stuff. The biggest thing on branding is you need to be very comfortable with CSS. Second, branding is definitely a trial and error activity. Heather echoed those sentiments.

The third presentation of the day was Steve Peschka of Microsoft giving a presentation titled “Rendering Data in SharePoint using AJAX and LINQ”. This was one of the few presentations which just showed code. This was definitely a presentation where you rolled-up your sleeves and got down to business. The first part of the presentation was creating a JSON web service which read a SharePoint list and returned data. The data was then displayed in an AJAX web part. Very cool. Definitely something I will be playing with the next few weeks. The code using a serializable Dictionary which is not available out-of-the-box. To get the code for a serializable Dictionary, check out this post. I would definitely like to review this code but unfortunately, Steve doesn’t have a blog. The second part of the presentation was using LINQ against MOSS. Now this wasn’t using the LINQ to SharePoint CodePlex Project but rather just using SPListItemCollection as an enumerable type. There were a few tips he had such as how to parse a lookup field to use in a join but most of the examples were your typical LINQ ones.

My final presentation of the day was by far the best of the conference for me. Ted Pattison gave a presentation on Advanced SharePoint Solution Deployment. Now I have seen Ted give a workflow presentation at Cincy’s SPUG but yesterday, he was at the top of his game. He is such an awesome presenter. Knows his stuff and using his time perfectly. The presentation was generally review for me but was outstanding. He has a link on his blog which covers the examples he used in his demo – there is lots there. Also, check out Ted’s STSDEV tool. It helps build DDF, manifest.xml, and WSP files.

All in all, it was an outstanding conference. My disappointments: definitely lack of development tracks (though I guess that is what ODC is for), my schedule not allowing for me to take any certification tests (which were free), it was definitely crowded, lunch on Wednesday was box lunch (definite departure from the awesome lunches the first two days), and being a way from my family since Saturday (I know…). I had an awesome time with Andy and Sean, my cohorts from Cardinal. I look forward to next week where I can put some things I learned into practice. I already have a list of 10 items I need to do next week. Yikes!

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March 2008 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Announcement

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 6, 2008

The March 2008 Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meeting will take place on 3/10 at 6:00 pm at MAX Technical Training in Mason. Check out the website. There are two sessions:

  1. SharePoint integrating with Document Management, Caleb Miller, Tahoe Partners
  2. Real World SharePoint Deployments, Brad Young, ProSource Corporation

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SharePoint Conference 2008 – Day 3

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 5, 2008

Beautiful day in Seattle yesterday. Sunny, high 40’s. Too bad I was inside all day but it was definitely worth it.

First session of the day was Adam Buenz and another fellow who’s name I did not catch since I was late titled “Your Data is in SharePoint, Now What?”. Adam started off covering Custom Routers for moving documents to the Record Center. Very cool! Next Adam covered Auditing and all the goodness you can build. Working for the USAF, security is, as you would expect, very important and Adam makes it super easy for his users to review auditing reports by using Word (he created some OBA’s using VSTO). Finally, Adam covered Information Management Policies – specifically focusing on labeling. The other fellow (if someone has his name, please forward to me), spoke on Rights Management Services (RMS). Very good topic but one I have very little experience with. As a side note, Adam is another great presenter (up there with Andrew Connell). Would love to spend a few weeks sitting with these guys and soaking in the information.

Second session of the day was Asif Rehmani titled “Build an Automated Expense Reimbursement Process using InfoPath and SharePoint”. Asif has created an interesting web site where he has tons of webcasts, screencasts, and knowledge maps on SharePoint – http://www.sharepoint-elearning.com/. The only downside to the talk was it was rated level 400 so I thought there would be more meat. It was a very good presentation and Asif, although it started slowly, had a good message.

Third session of the day was one I was looking for the most and one that was the most disappointing (in a good way). Andrew Connell was giving a presentation titled “Structured Approach to Building MOSS 2007 Publishing Sites”. It is no mistake I have a man-crush – in a platonic way 😉 – on AC. He is such an awesome presenter and super smart. Plus AC was very helpful when I was looking to make a move to full-time SharePoint consultant. He listed the two approaches of customization and development and the pros/cons of both. He then jumped into Features, Solutions, etc. Very educational presentational – for someone who has not been down that road before. I have created numerous Features/Solutions and whole-hearted believe creating custom code is the better alternative than customization. If anything, splitting code out helps the process of reusing code when you go from client to client. If it was at least verification I am doing the right process.

Fourth presentation of the day was giving my Todd Baginski on the BDC. You can get the source code and demo here. BDC and BI are two areas of MOSS I have very limited experience with. I fully understand the high-level concepts of the BDC. Amazing what you can do with the out-of-the-box BDC web parts. In my past life, I wrote BI software for a small ISV and we wrote our own BDC-like application which could query multiple databases and display the data in a client OLAP cube – still something I have yet to see. If anything, seems the BDC only allows you to access one table at a time. What happens when you want to two tables from the same database or even multiple tables from multiple databases on multiple platforms? With SharePoint’s popularity, seems like there is room for that.

Last session of the day was Jonathan Stynder of Microsoft giving a presentation titled “Information Architecture for MOSS 2007”. The session was in one of the larger rooms. At the beginning it was quite full. After around 5 minutes, quite a few people started leaving. The reasons were either: it was the last session of the day (more likely) or everybody knows how they need to architect their SharePoint data (less likely). I admit Jonathan got off to a slow start but there were many good nuggets of information. Some included when you should split out content into separate site collections (he even had a cool Feature which set the Global Navigation of two site collections to have the same site map for consistency), when to create new site templates, and do create reuable code (Features/Solutions).

Last night, the Gala was a the Museum of Aviation. Very good food. I didn’t stick around too long. Was way to tired. I know, boo-hoo!

Today looks like it will shape up to be a good one. Greg LeMond will be giving a keynote this morning. Good sessions.

Finally, sorry about missing SPLinks. Been busy outside of SPC and have not had the time to go through my feeds. Wireless at the hotel has been mixed too – sometimes up/sometimes down. Looks like I won’t get to them until this weekend.

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SharePoint Conference 2008 – Day 2

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 4, 2008

Beautiful day in Seattle yesterday – rain. Attended the live keynote with Bill Gates. Interesting keynote. A few announcements such as Microsoft Online (SaaS), release of Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, Solution Accelerator Tools, Silverlight BluePrint for SharePoint, and GearUp. During Kurt DelBene’s keynote, he mentioned numerous SharePoint sites from well known companies. It was quite exciting to see Kroger.com. My team lead, who was sitting next to me at the time, was instrumental in the architecture of the Kroger site. Congrats Sean!

After lunch I attended the “Silverlight BluePrint in SharePoint” presentation given by Patrick Tisseghem. Silverlight is getting more and more interesting for me – my issue – not sure how quick clients will want to include it.

For my next session, I wanted to attend “Code Based List Form Customization in WSS 3.0” but the room was sold out – 25 minutes before the session was supposed to start! Mark Miller has echoed lots of the frustrations attendees are facing. I attended a InfoPath Crash Course presentation instead. Since I have dabbled in InfoPath already, most of it was review. Oh well.

My last session of the day was attending Andrew Connell‘s ECM presentation. Right away he mentioned he was not going to cover code – more of a ECM 101 presentation. Since the rooms were typically already full – this one was no exception – I stayed. Very good presentation but most of it was review. As a SharePoint consultant, it is always valuable to get another take on presenting topics – Andrew did not disappoint – even with a cough.

Today looks to be good. For most session slots I have between 2-5 different sessions for each time. With limited space in each room, definitely need to ensure I pick the right sessions.

Finally, sorry about missing SPLinks. Been busy outside of SPC and have not had the time to go through my feeds. Wireless at the hotel has been mixed too – sometimes up/sometimes down.

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SharePoint Conference 2008 – Day 1

Posted by Steve Pietrek on March 2, 2008

Flew into Seattle yesterday. What a beautiful city! Amazing food, beautiful, clean. I will be attending the SharePoint Conference this week. Should be very interesting. Looking forward to meeting people I have only met on-line.

If you want to get together for a beer, send me an email.

Tonight we are going to register and eat at Ray’s Boathouse. Mmmm crab legs.

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